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Gulu Maharramli

Professor Doctor of Philology in BSU

Work Phone :+(994)12 539 02 96


Personal Site:www.quluxezer.com


  • I was born november in 1954 in Zengilan city.
  • Married and have 2 daughters.
  • I went to school in Shusha city.
  • I graduated my university in 1978 from Baku State University's Journalism Faculity.
  • After that moment i started as a reporter in Azerbaijan State Television.
  • İn 1979 i started as a editor in ''Tedris'' programm then 1981 i started as an edidor in chief at same programm.
  • In 1982 i promoted as an editor in chief in ''Beynelxalq Heyat'' programm.
  • I started as a commentator in ''XEBERLER'' news program from 1991 to 1995.
  • Then i promoted as a deputy of director of same programm and then i promoted as a director of ''XEBERLER'' news programm.
  • In march of 1995 i promoted as an anchorman of political programm of Azerbaijan State Television. At the same year i started as a director of ''SEHER'' morning programm.
  • In 2005 i promoted as a anchorman of political programm again and same time i was head director of ''SEHER'' morning programm.
  • In 2007 i promoted as a director of ''AUTHOR PROGRAMMS AND PRIVATE PLANS'' department.
  • Since 2007 i started as a advisor of ''XEZER'' television and radio programm.
  • I am author of more than 20 different programms especially as well as known ‚'' 7 gün'', "TEFSİLAT'' and "Gercheklik''.
  • Since 1982 i was working for branch and since 1991 i was forking for pedogogy branch.
  • In 2004 i was doctor of Baku State University. Currently i m a professor of faculity of journalism of Baku State University.
  • I m author of more than 20 books and author of more than 60 articles.
  • In 2006 i became veteran journalist of Azerbaijan Republic. I went more than 60 countries as a journalist.


  • 1973-1978 Baku State University journalism faculity
  • 1989 Assistance of Docent of Philology branch ‘' Radiodramatorgy language''
  • 1998 Head teacher of Baku State University Journalism faculity
  • 2002 docent, Baku State University
  • 2004, Doctor of philology branch; ''Language of Television''
  • 2006 Professor, BSU Television and Radio department


  • 1978 Azerbaijan State Television reporter
  • 1979-1981 AzTV assistance of editor, editor
  • 1982-1995 AzTV editor in chief,commentator, head of department
  • 1995-2006 AzTV political commentator,chief of programm, chief in editor
  • 2007 head of department of AzTV
  • 2007 october‚ ''XEZER'' tlevision and radio department as a advisor


  • History of television and radio,observer problems
  • Research of lingvistic television,Structure analysis of television and radio language
  • Modern journalism's problems


  • Monitoring of programs İctimai TV. 2007
  • Azerbaijan's ‚''Golden book'' 2008


  • 1997 march Qudauri, Georgia; 1st Syposium of Journalists of Southern Caucasus
  • 1998 november, Moscow, Russia; International conference; Conflicts in Caucasus and Journalism
  • 2005 july Wien Austria; International Conference‚ ''Media and Diffirinties''
  • 2008 june Tbilisi,Georgia; International Syposium‚ ''Problems of Journalism''
  • 2009 february Erbil, Iraq; Abant Conference


  • Social television: History, realities and principals Baku. 2003
  • Mass communication and language. Çashıogli. 2004
  • Principals of Television journalism. BSU. 2005
  • Azerbaijan broadcasting: History and modernism 2006
  • Radio lessons. History and experience. 2007
  • Principals of Journalism. 2008
  • Import words that media uses dictionary. 2008
  • Principals of Television Journalism. BSU. 2008


  • Radiodramaturgy language. 1990
  • Etuds about Television. 1996
  • My events with micraphone. 1998
  • Television and radio activities. with A.Dadashov. 1999
  • Television speech and pronounsiation. 1999
  • At radio waves. 1999
  • Audiovisual speech. 2000
  • Brodcasting and literate language. 2001
  • Television language funcsion and structure. 2002
  • Terms of movie, television and radio Dictionary. 2002
  • Social television; history, realities and principals. 2003
  • Mass communication and language. 2004
  • Principals of television journalism BSU. 2005
  • Azerbaijan brodcasting; History and Modernism. 2006
  • Radio lessons; History and experience. 2007
  • Principals of journalism. 2008
  • Import words that media uses dictionary. 2008
  • Display and literary language. Textbook. Tehran, the publication "Nagmeyi Zendegi". 2015
  • Terms of journalism. "Altunkitab" Publishing House. Baku, 2016
  • Radio journalism (with co-authors). Council of Europe. Baku, 2017
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