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Shirmammed A. Huseynov

Shirmammed A. Huseynov

Professor of the chair of the history of press

Phone: + (994)12538-62-09


  • I was born 1924.


  • 1954 Candidate of historical sciences, MSU, the faculty of journalism.
  • 1950-1954. Moscow State University, named after M.V.Lomonosov, the faculty of journalism, post-graduate student
  • 1945-1950. ASU, the department of philology- journalism.
  • 1941-1943. Sheki, institute of teachers for the period (2 years), the faculty of physics and math


  • 1976-1988 The chief of the chair of «The history of press», the faculty of journalism, ASU
  • 1971-1988 The ass .prof of the chair of «The history of press», the faculty of journalism, ASU
  • 1971-1976 The dean of the faculty of journalism, ASU
  • 1961-1971 The ass .prof of the chair of «The theory and practice of journalism», ASU
  • 1962-1969 The ass. dean of the faculty of philology, ASU
  • 1954-1961 The lecturer of the journalistic chair of the philological faculty, ass .prof
  • 1988-2008 Prof. At the chair of the history of press, the faculty of journalism, BSU


  • 1998 Grand named after M.A.Rasulzadeh
  • 1992 Grand named after Y.Mammadaliliyev
  • 1991 Grand named after Zerdabi
  • 1988 The Honorable journalist of the Republic
  • 1966-1972 Grand «Golden pen»
  • 1948 «Nizami person»


  • In the search of national justice and fair. Baku, 2004
  • Our spiritual origin and reality. Baku, 2004.
  • Pages from our press origin Baku,2007
  • The moral way and modernization. Baku, 2007
  • The publisistic way and modernization. Baku, 2007
  • Uzeyir Hajibeyli. Publications outside of publications. Part I, Baku, "Elm", 2009
  • Uzeyir Hajibeyli. Published and abbreviated works in publications. Book II, Baku, 2010
  • Musavat Party-100. The flag of Azerbaijan independence. Baku, "Adiloglu" publishing house, 2011
  • The works of M. Rasulzadeh. Book IV. Baku, 2013
  • M.A.Rasulzade: Works on Baku and Azerbaijan History. Baku, "Qanun" publishing house. 2013
  • O.F. Nemanzadeh "Invitation to publication. Baku, "Qanun" publishing house. 2013
  • Parliamentary reports and comments in the "Azerbaijan" newspaper (November 1918 - April 1920). Book II. Baku, "Elm", Baku, 560 p., 2016
  • Parliamentary Reports and Comments in the "Azerbaijan" Newspaper (November 1918 - April 1920). Book III. Baku, "Elm", Baku, 552 p., 2017
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