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Valiyev Hamid Ali ogli

Candidate of philological science, professor    

Chief of the international journalism chair

Phone: +(994) 12 432 82 19


  • Date of birth - 15.06.1939
  • Place of birth - village Sadahli of Marneuli region, Georgia
  • Married, have two children


  • 1947-1958 - secondary school, village Sadahli of Marneuli region, Georgia
  • 1960-1966 - Azerbaijan State University, Philological Faculty, journalist.
  • 1975-1978 - The Higher School of the Party under the Central Committee of the CPSU
  • 1980 - Ph.D. thesis - "Azerbaijan in the Georgian literature sources" (at the end of the 19 and the beginning of the 20 century)


  • 1960-1991: "Soviet Georgia" newspaper
  • 1991-1995: Journal "Yurd", editor of the azerbaijan issue
  • 1994-1999: BSU, chair of the international relations and international law, senior lecturer, associate professor
  • 1999-2004: BSU, Faculty of the Journalism, Chair of the Press History, associate professor
  • 2004: BSU, chief of the International Journalism Chair
  • Subjects: "Journalism of the New World", "History of the foreign countries' journalism" (bachelor), «World informational agencies», "International journalistic organizations" (magistracy)
  • 200 scientific, research and publicist articles; 1 monograph; 2 books
  • 1988- Honoured Journalist of the Georgia
  • 2005 - "Progress" Medal of the Azerbaijan Republic


  • 2001 - Kishinev; Ecology problems and journalism
  • 2005 - Moscow; International humanitarian rights
  • 2010 - Bucharest; International child rights and journalism
  • 2011 - Dublin; International child rights and journalism
  • 2017 - Baku; Ways to apply the principles of modern media to the national press


  • Correct variants of foreign geographical names distorted in Azerbaijani language. "Humanitarian aspects of the new media". Materials of the conference. Baku, 2013
  • The man of God was not merely a trumpet, but a word. "Sazbend ... Saza Dam ...". "Science and education" Baku, 2013
  • Distortions in foreign-language toponyms in Azerbaijani. Tafakkur University's scientific news journal. №1, 2013
  • Sadaklim is my son. "My breakthrough" .11 pp. V., Baku, 2015
  • The material used by "Akinchi" in "Times". Materials of the third international scientific theoretical conference, ways of applying the principles of modern media to the national press, Baku, 2017


  • "Azerbaijan folklore and literature in Georgian sources" (monograph). Baku,1984
  • Forming of the information society: international experience and Azerbaijan. Baku, 2000
  • D. Carnegie. "How to gain friends" (translation). Baku, 1993
  • "World information agencies" (textbook). Baku, 2003
  • "International Journalistic Organizations" (textbook). Baku, 2005
  • History of foreign countries journalism. Baku, 2012
  • History of foreign countries journalism. "Polygraphy".  640 p., Baku, 2014
  • Mark Twain is a journalist. "Ganun". 78 p., Baku, 2014
  • The art of making friends and influencing people is Dale Carnergi. (Translation), 312s., Baku, "Ganun" 2014
  • Sherlock Sendberg Nell Skovel "Do not be afraid of activity". (Translation), Baku, 2015
  • Journalism: The world's leading news agencies, the establishment and development perspectives of news agencies in Azerbaijan, the international journalism movement. (Co-authors, textbooks). Nurlar, Baku, 2017
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