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The faculty of journalism of Baku State University celebrate its 80 year anniversary in 2008. According to the latest sources ("Student-journalist" an educational newspaper, june 1929 №1) the training of specialists as journalists began from 1928. The chair of journalism established in the same year acted much and efficiently in the purposeful organization of this matter.

In 1945 the faculty of journalism was established on the basis of the faculty of philology of the university. The famous practical men of that time Israfil Nazarov, Nasir Imanguliyev, Gilman Ilkin, Jumshid Azimov and others were drawn into the process of systematically training of specialists as journalists. Associate professor Hasan Shahgaldiyev headed the department. In 1969 the department became an independent faculty. The first dean of the faculty was Nureddin Babaev (1969-1970). Sometime later professor Shirmammad Huseynov (1970-1976), professor Seyfilla Aliev (1976-1979), professor Tofig Rustamov (1979-1988), associate professor Nariman Zeynalov (1989), professor Akif Rustamov (1989-1999), professor Yalchin Alizade (1999-2012), professor Shamil Valiyev (2012-2016), professor Jahangir Mammadli (2016-2017) were elected to the occupation of the dean. At present the dean of the faculty is docent Vugar Aliyev.

About four thousand graduates were certificated with diploma by the faculty up today. Nasir Imanguliyev, Nureddin Babayev, Shirmammad Huseynov, Gulu Khalilov, Famil Mehdi, Tofig Rustamov, Alish Nabili and other scholar teachers had a great role in training of highly skilled national specialists.

The main directions of the scientific research at the faculty are: The skill problems of the Azerbaijan journalism in modern period; Television and radio journalism in XXI century: inclinations, perspectives; The problems of the history of the Azerbaijan journalism; The actual problems of the international journalism.

Education is given in Azeri (full time and by correspondence) and Russian (full time). Among 32 teachers, 5 are doctors of sciences, professors, 18 are candidates of sciences, associate professors.

About 400 students study in bachelor and 46 students in master. 7 ph. d. student, 35 post-graduates carry in research work.

There are four departments at the faculty: The theory and practice of journalism (1945); The history of press (1971); Television and radio journalism (1981); The international journalism (2004). Besides it, educational television and radio studio, newspaper laboratory act at the faculty. The arrangements are made for the opening "Journalism" Scientific Research Center.

At present the faculty trains the specialists in specialization on "Journalism"  in bachelor and master. There are seven specializations in master: "Radio journalism", "RTV broadcasting management", "Media and communication systems", "International journalism", "Theory of journalism", "Publicist journalism", "The history of press".

The staff of the dean's office:

Dean: Aliyev Vugar Zifar ogli

Dean deputy: Niftaliyeva Konul Gudrat gizi

Dean deputy: Alieva Sevinj Israfil gizi

Dean deputy: Mirzayev Samir Khalid ogli

Secretary: Alieva Elmira Nizami gizi

Tyutor: Isaeva Arzu Nasimi gizi

Tyutor: Ismayilova Laman Mahammad gizi

Chief methodist: Javadova Khalide Rahim gizi


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