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Aliyeva Sevinj Israfil gizi

Candidate of Philology,

Deputy dean on scientific affairs

phone: +(994) 12 538 42 08

e-mail: kansan70@mail.ru


  • Alieva Sevinj Israfil gizi was born in May 10, 1970 in Sumgait.
  • Attended the secondary school № 15 in Sumgait from 1977 till 1987.
  • In 1987-1992 years she got higher education in Faculty of Journalism of Baku State University
  • Since 1992 she is working in Baku State University
  • She is author of 1 monograph, 17 scientific articles
  • She is married and has 2 children


  • 2000 - Candidate of Philology in "Theory and practice of Journalism", Faculty of Journalism, BSU
  • Since 2007, she is head teach "Theory and practice of Journalism", Faculty of Journalism, BSU
  • 1987-1992 student, Faculty of Journalism, BSU
  • Candidature Dissertation on the theme "Language of Anar". Baku, 2000


  • 1992- laboratory assistant, Faculty of Philology, BSU
  • 1993- 2003- teacher, Faculty of Philology, Baku Women University
  • 2003- 2005-Head of Chair, Baku Women University
  • 2005- teacher, "Theory and practice of Journalism", Faculty of Journalism, BSU
  • 2007- assistant of dean on scientific part of faculty of journalism, BSU


  • "Language of Anar" (scientific, belles-lettres and publicistic style)
  • Mutual relation of Azerbaijan literary language and dialects
  • The problem of style in contemporary press
  • Interaction of literary language and dialects
  • The problem of language and style social networks


  • March, 2007 - Georgia - Tbilisi
  • 2016, November, Stovropol, North Caucasus V forum's 1917-2017
  • 2017, March, Strasbourg, Council of Europe Press Council in collaboration with the project "Freedom of expression and respect for private life" conference


  • About interrelations of Azerbaijan literary language and dialects. Baku, 2006
  • Intercommunications of the and literary language is full for the development of all spheres of the literary language. Baku, 2007
  • The role of dialects in enrichment of the vocabulary of the literary language. Baku, 2007
  • Dialects as the main source of concentration of the phonetic units, phenomena. Baku, 2008
  • Turkey and the Turkic literary language of dialects of the Azerbaijani language in the shared language (translation). Scientific works of SKSU named after M.Aizov, №2 (18) Kazakhstan. 2009
  • The crisis of the national language in the media of the post-Soviet countries (on the example of the QMS of the Azerbaijani Republic). XI International Scientific Conference. Partnership and cooperation in the context of the social and economic crisis in Central and Eastern Europe. Volume II, Poland. Lublin. 2010
  • Azerbaijani words and expressions in the Russian-language press of Azerbaijan - Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, Chita ZabGGPU, 2011
  • Phonetic norm as an indicator of the development, perfection of language. Trends and prospects for the development of modern scientific knowledge. Materials of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference. Moscow 2012
  • Dialectal words in modern Azerbaijan fiction. Problems of modern philology, pedagogigs and psychology. Materials of the XXV international Scientific and practical conference and the II stage of the researc analytics championship in the philological sciences. The event was carried out in the framework of the preliminary program of the Project "World championship, continental, national and regional championships on scientific analytics" by International Academy of Science and Higher Education. London, 2012
  • Prose works of modern apartments in limited words of dialect. "Language and Literature" International Scientific and Theoretical Journal, Baku, №1 (85), 2013
  • Modern cultural dialogue. "Bulletin of Baku State University", series of humanities, Baku, №3, 2013
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  • The dialectic basis of background norms. (Phonetics nor-malaryn dialect yasse). Young scientist: Monthly scientific journal № 2, Chita, 2014
  • Common dialectisms. Science and education. №3, 2016
  • Lexical dialectisms. “Literature and Theology”, İssue 4 (2), Oxford University Press, VOLUME31, December 2017
  • Generaly used dialects. “Literature and Education”, İssue 6 (2), Taylor&Francis, VOLUME31, 2017


  • "Language of Anar", Baku 2002
  • The modern Azerbaijani literary language. Baku, 2011
  • Mass media: language and style (program). Baku, 2013
  • Journalist ethics. Program. Council of Europe, 44 pp.,  2017
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