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Bas-relief to first Azerbaijani rector of BSU is opened in Baku


A solemn opening ceremony of the bas-relief of Taghi Shahbazi Simurg, first Azerbaijani rector took place in front of his house on 30 August 2017. Rector, academician Abel Maharramov spoke about the historical significance of Taghi Shahbazi.

Taghi Shahbazi was born in 1892, graduated from  the First Russian-Tatar Real School in Baku, then studied at the medical department of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Kharkov University. Tagi Shahbazi was  the Deputy Commissar of Public Education in 1922-1923, Secretary of the Central Executive Committee in 1923-1926, rector of Baku State University in 1926-1929, Deputy Commissar of Public Health in 1930-1937. According to Abel Maharramov, Taghi Shahbazi made great contribution to the development of the university. Tagi Shahbazi was arrested, shot during Stalin political repression.

BSU staff, officials, representatives of the public and cultural figuress took part in the solemn ceremony.

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